Cutting edge link management platform.

Link Management Platform with all features you need in one place. Shorten, brand, manage and track your links the easy way.

What services does Hyprlink offer?

URL Shortener

Shorten your long links for free with a simple click. We don't show ads when we redirect users and the links never expire. You can even use your domain instead of ours!

Brand management

Brand your short links with our simple branding system. Use features like A/B testing, custom domains, custom root pages, aggregated links and more to make your links stand out.

Link analytics

Analyze the traffic of your short links. Our advanced analytics system allows you to check how many people have clicked your links and much more.

What are you waiting for?!

The sooner you'll apply for a beta account, the sooner you'll get access to all the features we offer.

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